Helicopter Air Shooting Battle

Let’s face the challenge, your military base has been attacked by enemy air force commandos. In this exciting and addictive game you are the one who fights against enemy helicopters to defend army camps. Don’t let combat helicopters land in your army base so they can come to your base to get hold on important military materials.
Your Story:
Release the military area from the enemy air force helicopters possession. For this mission you are equipped with high rocket guns, target the helicopters and kill all the combat enemy helicopters before they destroy you. Be careful and don’t take this mission lightly, sky will be full of incoming helicopters shooting on you, you need to shoot all incoming
enemy helicopters and your mission will end by destroying all enemy combat helicopters from army camps.
How to Play:
– Touch & Drag the screen anywhere to move/rotate your gun.
– Aim and tap Fire button at bottom right to fire.
– At first spot try to shoot the enemy helicopter.
– The weapons will reload itself and you have unlimited number of bullets.
– High quality Helicopter air attack shooting game.
– Excellent real 3D battle environment.
– Special 3D High-Tech RPG (Rocket Propelled Gun) guns.
– FPS (First Person Shooter) mode.
– User friendly with easy GUI Controls.
– Fantastic view with amazing stunning graphics.
– Good quality sound effects with explosion and shooting.
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