Mountain Climb Speed Racing

Welcome to high speed hill racing through rugged mountain roads in fast paced action. Be the most intense, competitive and quickest rider by riding car through steep mountain roads. Real adventurous and exciting hill climbing experience as you have to maneuver and drive the car along hills and dangerous paths. Mountain Climb Speed Racing is the most addictive and amazing physics based racing game ever made! Control your car to
climb hills with most realistic environment to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhill roads. You must balance the best hill climbing suspension. Gain bonuses by collecting coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Taste the thrill to meet the finish line before your fuel runs out.
Control is very simple with left and right pedals, right pedal to accelerate and left pedal to break and to move back.* Unique challenges of mountain climbing environments.
* Very dangerous mountain dirty tracks.
* Attractive and addictive game play.
* Amazing realistic physics.
* Earn coins to unlock new cars.
* Lots of different vehicles(car, jeep, pickup).
* Collect bonus fuel to extend racing life.
* Speed and acceleration in the classical speedo meter.
* Lifelike visual appeal with ability to perform real life stunts.
* Realistic car controls to climb hills.

Why you are waiting more? Download Mountain Climb Speed Racing and enjoy with hill racing adventures!!!

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