Mountain Sniper Shooter War 3D

Let’s face this furious battle challenge, as you are Lone Army Commando. In this Frontline War game the enemy squad has a over heated engine vehicle due to which the convey has stopped. You as a one of the best marine army commando sniper has spotted this convey and have called for urgent attack. You must use your specialized skills to survive in an offensive attack of terrorists because they are larger in numbers and weapons.
Equipped with real-life 3D graphics and sounds, the game gives an exhilarating sniper shooting experience. Use your limited ammo wisely and kill the enemies at a distance before they get a chance to aim at you. The enemy isn’t aware of your presence so take your first shot carefully because the moment you fire it, your gunshot will be heard and the enemy will be upon you before you know it. There’s no turning back and you have to eliminate all those who come in your way without any hesitation. Make sure you keep yourself well focused and determined before firing your first shot.
Be careful!! Wish you all the good luck that you would surely need. Adventurous missions for the fans of shooting games who dreamed to be a professional army shooter.
How to Play:
1. Touch and move the screen to aim the enemy
2. The enemy will continuously attack you after firing your first shot
3. Use the telescopic view to aim the enemy at far distance
4. Tap Fire button at bottom right to shoot
5. The gun reloads automatically
6. Zoom in to kill the enemy and then zoom out
– Best First Person Shooting (FPS) game
– Highly addictive game play
– Attractive GUI with easy controls
– Unique 3D stunning graphics
– Excellent realistic 3D Battlefield environment
– Slow-motion killing effects with explosions
– Amazing missions with enemies, tanks and helicopters
– Zoomed sniper scope view
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