Prayer Times & Qibla Guide

Prayer Times & Qibla Guide acts as best companion for all world wide Muslims which helps you stay on top of your prayers by providing timely prayer alerts. It also acts as useful tool for finding the Qibla direction. Prayer Times with Athan alarm also helps you to achieve prayer discipline in your busy life schedule by providing a best way to track your payers. Its stylish and convenient interface is designed to make sure that you are kept updated with the prayers five times a day. Accurate prayer times depending on your location settings, appropriate calculation methods and Madhab in Islam. However, and if you want, you can also change the prayer methods and locations manually in the Settings.
Prayer Times & Qibla Guide is the best Salat times Islamic android app for the Muslims all around the world.
– Lightweight, simple and best accurate application for Prayer Times and Qibla direction.
– Almost all major world wide cities are covered.
– If you are not able to find about your desired city, select the nearest one.
– Prayer Times of Fajar, Sunrise, Dhuhr, Asar, Maghrib and Isha.
– Highlighted next prayer time to easily alert of next prayer.
– Precise Qibal Direction by using Digital magnetic Compass of your device.
– Hijri Date included to follow month of Ramadhan.
– Excellent feature of addhan delay and adjust timings for matching local mosque times.
– Auto silent before and after adhan for the people who may forget to silent mobile in Masjid.
– Easy turn On/Off alarm for any Prayer with a single touch.
– Can select Juristic(Madhab) in Islam (Hambli, Hanfi, Malki and Shafi).
– Five different calculation methods for accurate prayer timings.
– Daylight saving option.
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