Super Crazy Police Chase Race

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a police officer by driving on highway in a cool police car? Here’s the challenge for crazy highway car racers… You have stolen a new super car and chased by police car. You need to keep your eyes peeled to the road and your hands firmly on the wheel. One wrong move and you will be back in jail. Crazy highway car racers are born with a need for more speed so taking them out isn’t an easy task. The highway racers will try to avoid police car to continue their illegal race. Get your speed up fast enough and not being chased up by police car. You need to prevent your stolen car from escaping before the level ends. The Racers will challenge you to really keep up with them. So let them see how good police officers are and how they protect your city from thieves to keep it crime free and safe.
Prepare yourself for fantastic stunning graphics, addictive game play and a sound track that will keep your high pulse racing and your fingers chasing. Try the real racing game in drifting fast-paced action. A precision race to space is the one thing that you need and you can get it here. Complete it successful and you will be king of the road like in drag racing games.
Game play:
– Tilt your device to control car.
– Touch gas pedal to accelerate.
– Touch brake pedal to slow down.
* High quality 3D stunning HD graphics.
* Excellent realistic 3D environment.
* Extremely fast and addictive game play.
* The most realistic 3D car racing simulation.
* Amazing Movie Quality sound effects and sound track.
* Amazing and realistic car controls.
* Easy and smooth car controls.If you are looking for the best Police Chase car racing game then why are you waiting more? Just download Super Crazy Police Chase Race and enjoy the fun of speed racing car.

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